My Brother & I

I honestly can not recall what my relationship with my brother was like when I was little (before I was able to speak [refer to the previous post]). However, from what I am told from family and pictures we have, we appear to get along fairly well.

Our parents were the type of parents that never raised their voices, never raised a hand to either of us, and never ever grounded us. Growing up in our house was by no means unstructured. It was just a house based on love, trust, respect, and understanding. Amazing way to grow up if you ask me… amazing parents if you ask me… amazing people if you ask anyone.

Off track I know…

As I was saying my brother and I were not ones to argue.  I worshiped my brother. He was 7 years older than me, so of course I trusted everything he said and followed his lead in everything he did.

I remember very well sitting down for dinner and PJ, my brother, said to me “Try this pickle it’s really good.”

So what do I do as a 5 year old who wants to impress her brother? I put the entire green pickled vegetable in my mouth. Within seconds I am crying and spitting it out on the table. Slobber is flying and I am scrapping the taste buds from my tongue.

Both of my parents come running over from the kitchen to see what the problem is and all PJ has to say to them is, “She wanted to try the jalapeno.”

So from about the age of 5 on I would fall for little things of the sort by him. All because of his mere suggestion. I lost count on how many times I fell for the, “Hey touch that dish.” But I did it because of his Big Brother influence on me.

It took me about a year to realize that he was the enemy of sorts.  I quit falling for his tricks and started to pester him. I would follow him and his friends around, practically sit on his lap as he tried to watch TV, or do what most little sisters would do… tattle on him.

All in all… a typical brother sister relationship.

Join me for my next post to see some exciting adventures of my brother PJ.

Become a part of my life and my family as I unfold it over the past 40 years….


Who can relate?

Please post your comments below.


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