October 14, 1976

I was born in a small town North West of Chicago. There had to have been no more than 10,000 that occupied the area.  The area was booming at the time.  My dad was employed at the local steel mill as a maintenance supervisor, leading him to work all weird hours.  My mom was employed with the $100,000 a year job as most women were back then, yet never got paid for… the stay at home mom. And I must not forget to mention my brother, my nemesis, well not my nemesis until I could talk, but then again I don’t really remember much before I could talk.

Now I will begin on the day that I was brought into this world.  You know the sayings,  “Everything happens for a reason.  There is no such thing as coincidence.” Or “It takes a special person to endure certain things.”  Maybe? Yes? Well, keep that all in mind as I tell you the stories of my life in pieces…

♥ 10/14/1976 ♥

My parents have always told me that I was a “surprise”.  And not a “surprise” in the sense that they didn’t want any more children, but a “surprise” because they were told that they couldn’t have any more children.  I am not sure how I feel about God, but I do believe in a higher power.  I believe that the higher power sent me here for my parents and the future that we had to endure as a family.

My mom told me that when I was born it was cold and snowy. I am not sure that I really find that believable, because there are pictures of my brother in the front window of our house and there in no snow in sight. That’s here nor there…

However, I do know for a fact that I was brought home in a box. Yes people, you heard me right, A BOX!!!!!! How many of you were brought home in a freaking box? I find that personally disturbing, but I guess it was the norm “back then”. Oh Oh and the best part! She had me sleep in the box when we got home! WTH! Sorry mom I know it wasn’t a big deal back then and all…but I find it a little creepy.

I honestly don’t recall much more from the day that I was born or days that followed.  Does anyone really remember the days after they were born?


You don’t want to miss out on my next post.  I am going to get into my relationship with my brother… trust me, I was put here in this world for a reason.  Just like each one of you reading this.  You need to dig deep and find your reason. This is my therapy… my reason to get through my sadness and understanding of loss and disappointments.

Comments and stories are welcome.  If you would like to post a story please email me at ilgeveryday@gmail.com.




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